New Bellydance-Inspired Music Podcast, Anyone..?

For those of you who don’t already know, I host a bellydance-inspired podshow called Eclectica, and it’s been a bit since we’ve had an ep. out (thanks to a cross-country move and general life nuttiness). So in celebration of my new place, my utilities being -finally- all hooked-up and functioning, and in honor of my new city & its great bellydance community, I wanted to put out a vibrant, upbeat new episode. ^_^  

I’m still kinda sick from the last bout of plague that got me (so I apologize for the clurginess you may hear in my part of the show) but now that I can actually speak & be understood, I -had- to get this out. ^_^

Eclectica’s got music for all kinds of folks; whether you’re into Cabaret, Fusion, Tribal, ATS/ITS (or other styles, like Goth/Industrial & beyond). It features tunes in all kinds of styles, from alllll over the world, and occasionally, you’ll even find a bit of silliness in there too. ;)  So if you’re a bellydancer, a fan of world music, or ya just want some great new tunes to groove to, come on over n’ take a listen. :D

It can be found on FB at:

On its webspace at:

And on iTunes at:!-eclecticas-moved-coast/id646639990?i=204720420&mt=2

Oh!  And btw- it’s -totally- free, tons of fun, and FULL of audio pretty that’s alll on the up-and-up (meaning everything I play is either podsafe or artist permitted, w/o exception.).  So drop on by, take a listen, and if you like, please feel free to pass it on, come pop a comment on one of the show’s pages, or make a request!  

Brightest Blessings,
"DJ Selchie" ;)


Katarina Burda - Bal Anat


'Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.'
~Rumi ♡

The Love & Beauty of Zoe Jakes.
(photo: unknown…give us a hint)

Enjoy more tribal belly dance beauties:


Pedestrian Sunday in Kensington Market

July 2013

Photos by Ken Dobb