Belly Dance Advice: Practice & Learning 3


exercise what you can’t do for a while, then reward yourself wiht your favourite song and your favourite moves, and again, and again.


Practice practice practice! If at first you don’t succeed in performing a specific move, try try again. Never lose heart :)


Ask questions and don’t be afraid to seek feedback.


Always try to keep posture!


lots lots of practice, in the mirror, in the shower, youtube vids…just 24/7 will get it eventually..practice practice! :D gd luck :)

Belly Dance Advice 2


take your time, enjoy where you are, Rachel B was a beginner, too ;) and be very thorough repeating movements, it’ll pay off in the future.


Wear baggy T-shirts when you first start to avoid excessive self-consciousness.


Don’t hold back or feel like everyone is staring. You are new just like everyone.


Don’t be afraid to look silly. Find music that you love and dance to it. Practice in front of the mirror, but also without a mirror.


Put everything into it. If your hips wont move right just keep doing it till they will…and practice against a wall for lateral movements.

Belly Dance Advice: Practice & Learning 2


Take classes from different teachers! It shows you that you knew more than you thought you did AND you get the chance to learn new things.


To not beat yourself up if you have to take it really slow at first to make sure you’re putting weight on the right body part.


I know you want to get to the fancy and fun looking things but learn the basics and the techniques first and you’ll be solid down the road!


Don’t worry if you can’t get the moves down in one try. It takes practice and dedication to learn everything! 


Get your belly dance posture down to where it becomes second nature! Totally worth doing in the beginning. And practice ALL THE TIME!

Belly Dance Advice: Feeling in Dance


It’s a mind/body experience as a whole. Music is the catalyst for the movement; so; practice but also hear the music.


Listen to the music constantly; when it gets in your head, it gets into your bones. the steps come easier when you’re lost in the music.

Bellydance Advise

My advise is to listen to the music. Don’t be overly concerned with counts and choreography. It will show in your face. If you are improving don’t worry, just listen to the music, it will tell you what to do! :)

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Belly Dance Advice: Practice & Learning


Your body will catch up to your brain. Just give it the space it needs.


practice every day even if it’s just for five minutes. consume all the information you can get your hands on—video, images, articles.


Breathe! Enjoy yourself! And remember your posture!


Consistency! The more you practice, the sooner you’ll master components


ALWAYS warm up. You don’t want to risk hurting yourself.